• Q1. How do I earn points?

    Ans. . You will accrue points each time your reservation at any of the participating hotels materializes.

  • Q2. How can I know how many points I am entitled to when I make a reservation for a particular hotel?

    Ans. . Each hotel has been allocated different number of points. To view this, you need to click on ‘Participating Hotels’ section available post login. This section lists all the participating hotels and the number of points allocated to them. Double points will be earned in case your reservation for a suite materializes.

  • Q3. Is this programme applicable for Oberoi Group Hotels outside India?

    Ans. . This programme is applicable for Oberoi Group Hotels located in India and Dubai.

  • Q4. How do I know how many points have been earned or spent by me?

    Ans. You can login with your Membership Number and Password and click on "My Account" to view the total number of points earned and spent by you.

  • Q5. Can I transfer my points to another account?

    Ans. . Points accumulated in an account cannot be transferred to another account under any circumstances.

  • Q6. My account has not been credited with all the points that I think I am entitled to. What should I do?

    Ans. All points will be credited to your account within few days of the materialization of the reservation. In case you feel that some points have not been credited, you can submit the ‘Missing Reservation Request Form’ available post login. Your request should be submitted within six months of the materialization of the reservation. Points will not be credited for requests received after six months.

  • Q7. How long is the membership valid for?

    Ans.The membership remains valid as long as you have at least 3 materialized reservations made during two years since enrolment.

  • Q8. How long are my earned points valid for?

    Ans. Points once earned remain valid either for the membership duration or a maximum of 2 years, whichever comes earlier. In case of renewed membership, points earned are valid on a two-year rolling basis and points unredeemed for more than two years will automatically lapse at the end of each quarter. I.e. points earned in January 2006 would lapse in April 2008. Points are adjusted for redemptions on a first in - first out basis.

  • Q9.How will I get to know about the number of points that are about to lapse from my account?

    Ans. To see the number of points due for lapse please click on ‘My Account’ section post login. The total number of points due for lapse would be mentioned along with the expiry date.

  • Q10. Where can I find my registration details?

    Ans. All your personal information is stored under the section ‘Edit Profile’ available on the ‘My Account’ page.

  • Q11. Can I change my password or Membership Number (Username)?

    Ans. Password can be changed by visiting ‘My Account’ section on the website. Just view ‘My Account’ and then click on ‘Change Password’. Key in your old password, followed by the new password you want to change to. However, the Membership number cannot be changed.

  • Q12. How do I change my contact details for my account?

    Ans. You can go into ‘My Account’ and change your personal contact details by clicking on ‘Edit profile’. However, for any changes in the company details please write to us at

  • Q13. How do I redeem my points?

    Ans. The accumulated points can be redeemed for an array of reward options available under the ‘Featured Rewards’ section available on the website.

  • Q14. I would like to redeem an item. Where will it be delivered?

    Ans. For Individual membership you could choose between residential or corporate address and in the case of corporate membership it would only be delivered at your company address.

  • Q15. How long will it take for me to receive my redemption voucher after I've redeemed an item?

    Ans.In case of dining & stay vouchers we will require up to 2 weeks and in case of merchandise vouchers up to 3- 4 weeks for processing and delivering the voucher.

  • Q16. Can I request for two or more items for redemption at the same time?

    Ans. There is no restriction on the number of items that you can request for redemption at one time, provided you have the required number of points in your account.

  • Q17. After I've requested an item for redemption, will I receive the actual item in the mail?

    Ans. Redemptions are mailed out in the form of vouchers which you can bring to the redemption outlet and claim your item or service. We do not send out the actual items, only vouchers.

  • Q18. Is there an expiry date for the vouchers I redeem?

    Ans. All expiry dates are printed on the vouchers themselves, varying from merchant to merchant. If expiry date is not stated, it means that there is no expiration period for that particular voucher.

  • Q19. Who should I contact if I have questions regarding redemption?

    Ans. For all you queries you can contact The Programme Coordinator at

    The Contact Centre
    7, Sham Nath Marg
    Delhi - 110054
    Ph: 011 23885000